Wellohi Products

Owning more than 20 SKUs, Wellohi provides various nutritional supplements of pregnancy and fetus, of infants and adolescents as well as nutritional needs of pregnant mothers and infants. Always centering on DHA products, Wellohi is committed to building itself into the top brand of DHA brain nutrition; through combining its own advantages, Wellohi strives to promote the product portfolio of “Pregnant Mother Nutrition Golden Triangle”, “Infant Nutrition Golden Triangle” and “Guards of Immunity Nutrition Golden Triangle”.


Protein Powder


1. Dual protein formula, whey protein + pea protein


2. Imported whey protein raw material


3. Non-GMO allergen-free pea protein


4. Zero pigment, zero fragrance, zero addition of sucrose


Product Information


[Specification] 300g/tank

[Ingredients] Pea protein isolate (45%),  whey protein (33%), xylitol, silica, mogroside


[Edible Method] Add 1~2 spoons (about 5g/spoon) to 50~100mL warm water and stir for drinking. Or add milk, juice, porridge and other beverage meals.

optimal portfolio

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