Wellohi Products

Owning more than 20 SKUs, Wellohi provides various nutritional supplements of pregnancy and fetus, of infants and adolescents as well as nutritional needs of pregnant mothers and infants. Always centering on DHA products, Wellohi is committed to building itself into the top brand of DHA brain nutrition; through combining its own advantages, Wellohi strives to promote the product portfolio of “Pregnant Mother Nutrition Golden Triangle”, “Infant Nutrition Golden Triangle” and “Guards of Immunity Nutrition Golden Triangle”.


Algae DHA Gel Candy

●From New Zealand

●Plant-based DHA

● Each grain contains about 100 mg of DHA

Product information

[Specification]: 1.090g×30 grains/bottle × 2 bottles

[Ingredients]: lactose, DHA algae oil (added 23%), flaxseed oil, gelatin, glycerol, purified water, microcrystalline cellulose and titanium dioxide

[Nutritional Ingredients]: Each grain contains100mg of DHA

[Dosage]: For infants under 4 years old, 2 times a day, take 1grain each time. For infants over 4 years old and pregnant and lactating women, 3 times a day, take 1 grain each time

Physiological Effects of DHA

DHA is one of the most basic components of the human brain and nervous system, with a content of about 15% in the brain tissue, and 60% surrounding the retina’s visual rod cells are DHA phospholipid molecules. DHA plays a signal transmission role in cerebral neuronal cells, so the brain’s memorizing and thinking function depends on DHA to maintain and improve.

● To promote infants’ brain development and enhance memory. DHA is the main component of fatty acids in cerebra gray, the lack of which will affect intelligence development.

● To improve the IQ and visual acuity of infants (to promote the development of optic nerves). In the development process of human brain tissues, about 80% is completed in the first year after birth, which is a peak stage for infants’ cognitive level and visual development.

● To promote infants’ retina development.

DHA is an important part of the cerebral cortex and retina, closely related to nerves and visions. DHA enters into the liver and brain of fetus through placenta, and during a period from late pregnancy to 6 months after birth, the brain and retina of fetus develop the fastest, so there is a need to take in adequate DHA. Insufficient intake of DHA may cause low birth weight or premature delivery. Premature infants will lose the opportunity to get DHA from their mothers.

The monthly recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of FAO/WHO is 20 mg/kg weight for full-term newborns and 40 mg/kg weight for premature infants.

 --- Data source: Health Food Materials Manual (Second edition), Chemical Industry Press

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