Wellohi builds star cities to drive the second pole of growth in maternal and infant nutrition stores


  On March 21-22, CNFONU's “Wellohi Brand Presentation Seminar and Star City Launching Ceremony” was held in Hefei, Anhui Province, kicking off the 2019 Wellohi “New Power in Action Marketing, Gather Momentum and Empower Everyone” Product Promotion Conference. During the period, the honorable guests including Cheng Yan, general manager of GuangZhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp.,Ltd., Wang Wanghua, executive director and secretary-general of China Next Generation Education Foundation's Maternal and Child Growth Fund, Zhang Weimin, deputy chief physician of Anhui Women's and Children's Health Center, and Cai Huihua, general manager of Anhui Qibinhui/national public nutritionist/nursery teacher, together with the distributors from all over the country, participated in this grand brand event, and witnessed the official launch of Wellohi Star City.

Hundred billion-sized market -Wellohi wins by brand

  The data show that the maternal and infant nutrition market is growing rapidly from 2010 to 2020, and it is expected to exceed the 100 billion threshold in 2020, with an average growth rate of around 30%.As a well-known brand of maternal and infant nutrition, Wellohi has always been the backbone of promoting the development of maternal and infant nutrition industry. In this event, Wellohi comprehensively analyzed the mother and child industry facts from the three dimensions of “mother and infant industry analysis + brand strategy + channel action marketing”, and interpreted Wellohi's new measures for 2019 brand upgrade interaction and action marketing; provided professional answers to the practical problems encountered by channel partners in the sales process, continuously enhancing the sales support of Wellohi to terminals.; and worked to create the star city to provide a reproducible, sustainable and high-developing operation mode for mother and infant industry .

  During the event, furthermore, Wellohi discussed with China Next Generation Education Foundation's Maternal and Child Growth Fund and Anhui Women and Children's Health Center on how to be engaged in charity, and they decided to jointly push forward the undertaking of caring Chinese children's nutrition development and continuously enhance the brand influence.

Star City ——new power in marketing

  It is reported that Wellohi Star City plans to drive the second pole of store growth through maternal and infant nutriment, boost the sales of super single product in stores through promotional projects, and furthermore, enhance brand influence and seize regional market share, fan out from point to area to create model demonstration, so as to provide the promotion model for service action marketing, and jointly create a nutrition marketing and profit-making ecosphere, which has a wide range of versatility, extensibility and reproducibility.

  As an important part of building a star city, Li Rui Smart Baby Village is a marketing experience zone where Wellohi creates a differentiated retail terminal, and it opens a new retail mode of scene-based interaction for maternal and child nutriment. It is understood that Li Rui Smart Baby Village, using Li Rui, the first IP Star Village Head of mother and infant industry and Parent-Child Ambassador of Wellohi Brand, to attract customers, builds a platform integrating entertainment, learning and shopping. There are five characteristic areas in the platform: test area, interactive experience area, foretaste area, interactive experience area and game area, and the platform will become a transforming platform for science popularization in customers, rebuild the value of maternal and infant nutriment, and open a new mode of cooperation between brand and channel.

  On the other hand, facing unclear product information of maternal and infant shop assistants, customers' failure to understand the selling point of products, lack of people engaged in purchase and other terminal common problems, Wellohi innovatively launches a 36-hour PK Competition and offers incentives in various ways to shop assistants ; at the same time, holds Intelligent Express Event combined with the actual situation of stores, so as to attract customers to focus on Wellohi products, cultivate consumers' buying habits, driving the stores to continuously increase their sales.

  In addition, Wellohi has established the CNFONU Union Action Marketing University, which consists of Nutrition College, Action Marketing College and Reserve Cadre Management College. Through micro-classroom, shop training, single product launch meeting, hot product launching meeting, expansion training camp and other matrix-based basic training projects, various modes such as  daily problems encountered by stores, problem-handling methods, human management mode, financial operation mode, publicity and promotion mode, merchandise display and arrangement, and even sales cases are effectively combined and promoted in the market. This effort will cover tens of thousands of shop assistants, give a multi-dimensional help, solve the first bottleneck of terminal sales, improve the overall level of terminal stores, and promote the creation of star city in the country.

Big shots gather——exploring new trends in the industry

  During the event, Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONU, shared the theme of "General Trend- Prospects for the Maternal and Infant Nutrition Industry". He said that the report of the Nineteenth National Congress clearly points out that the state implements the healthy China strategy and vigorously develops the health industry, and China's maternal and infant nutriment has entered a period of rapid development. According to statistics, the turnover of stores in 2018 decreased year-on-year. When the "milk powder economy" is not working, maternal and child nutrition will lead the second profit revolution of the terminal. With its perfect industrial chain, strong soft power reserve, global R&D resources investment, top-level supply system, own production system and full inspection capability, and meanwhile ,taking "Smart Gold" as a strategic single product, Wellohi will become the leading navigator in maternal and infant nutrition, pushing forward the development of maternal and infant health industry in China.

  Zhang Weimin, from Anhui Women's and Children's Health Center, said in the theme sharing of "Concern about the Maternal and Infant Nutrition in 1000 Days of Early Life" that the first 1000 days of life is the most critical period to decide the health of life, so from pregnancy to feeding period, we should ensure the nutrition during pregnancy, promote breastfeeding, improve supplementary feeding, build a nutritional environment, and achieve a better balance of maternal and infant nutrition, so as to lay a good foundation for children's health throughout their lives. This happens to coincide with Wellohi's "Thousand-Day Nutrition Care Plan" for early life.

  Liu Lu, the president of CNFONU Union Action Marketing University, shared the theme of "The Way of Nutriment Breakthrough in the New Situation". He said that the precise marketing of Wellohi's mother and infant members is to make targeted and purposeful individual marketing activities through precise segmentation of members, and to use private customization methods to cater to demand according to characteristics, so as to formulate more precise, more reasonable, more scientific refinement marketing that meets the characteristics of a class of members. On the other hand, in order to discover the real business opportunities in the maternal and infant nutriment market, the most important thing is to exert efforts from the satisfaction of demand of mothers and infants as well as their health and safety.

  With the expanding market of mother and infant, the real spring will come for maternal and infant nutriment. This year, Wellohi has achieved brand strategy upgrading through the release of brand new visual system and the building of Li Ruiqiang Smart Baby Village. With the launch of Star City, Wellohi's brand matrix shall be further perfected. Wellohi will have a bigger space for development in 2019, with more expectations.

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